Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where to Stay in Boston

Our trip to Boston, taken over a short weekend was actually a birthday present for Rob.  I knew that I wanted to surprise him with a trip, and that it needed to be within driving distance of Long Island, and that I wanted it to be somewhere we could catch a ball game.  Needless to say, Boston fit that list perfectly.

When I started to look for hotels in Boston, I was amazed at how much they cost.  It was seriously disheartening.  And then I discovered what would soon become a favorite travel source of mine, Hotwire.  I was able to get an incredible price on the Sheraton Back Bay that made our weekend completely affordable.

Our Room (obviously I didn't think to light the room properly before taking this picture)

The hotel itself is located on Dalton Street, and is mammoth.  Boasting 1,200 guest rooms, we were very pleased not only with our room, but with the view we had from the 22nd floor.  An even better perk? The hotel is connected to all of the food and stores located within the Prudential Center. 

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