Friday, January 4, 2013

The Switch to An All Inclusive

Cancun 2010

I have a (not so very) secret.  

I hate the cold.  

There, I said it.  Living in New York, the cold is a part of life.  From November (and sometimes October) on, all the way until April (and sometimes May), it's cold.  Four layers, waddling with your snowsuit on cold.  However, there is hope.

The Caribbean.

For in the Caribbean my friends, it is warm! Hot even!  You can wear a bathing suit, and go swimming in January.  It's paradise.   But for those of you who have traveled there before, I'm sure you are aware of the plethora of options.  For on most every island, and throughout parts of Mexico, there are more hotels than you can probably count.  Then the questions start.

Where should I go?
What hotel do I stay at?
Should I stay in an all-inclusive?
How much money will I save?
How do I book my trip?
What should I do while I'm there?
Do I just sit on the beach all day?

Cancun holds a soft spot in my heart.  It was the first trip that Rob and I took (after just 3 months of dating).  It's a place that appeals to those on spring break, yet also appeals to those with families for its familiarity and price.  And for two young twenty-somethings going on their first tropical vacation, Cancun was perfect.  

But where to stay??  After hours spent pouring over travel sites and the internet, we finally decided on the Riu Palace Las Americas, and we clicked purchase through what would quickly become a go-to website,  

A not-so-great picture of the beautiful lobby

We decided on this for a few reasons.  While an all-inclusive may not be for everyone, we've had wonderful experiences, and have continued to go back ever since this first trip. What are the benefits you may ask?
  • The website we booked it through had incredible deals.  I mean to the point where we thought there were hidden fees.  There weren't.
  • We loved the idea of staying in a place that was large enough where we wouldn't get bored.
  • All your food and beverages (including alcohol) are included.  And we enjoyed the food!
  • It made the planning process easy for us.  
The Riu chain is (in our humble opinion) more of a European chain, but we had a blast.  The room was clean, the food was good, and the beach and pool were beautiful.

A cloudy picture of Paradise

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