Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out and About in Hilo

Volcano National Park

We booked an excursion to see Volcano National Park through the ship, since we wanted a tour guide to brink us through the park-and for $80 a person it seemed the best value in terms of cost and efficiency.  I do think you would be able to see a lot more if you went on your own with a car, but I really did enjoy our time at the park.  Hilo is apparently the rainiest city in Hawaii, and it did not disappoint the day of our tour; thankfully we were able to purchase ponchos for $2, because we would have been drenched without them.  I would also suggest dressing in layers, because at parts of the park it was a bit chilly.  The tour started with a visit to Big Island Candy, which produces homemade chocolates and shortbread cookies.  After this, we proceeded to the actual park, which is about 30 miles outside of the town of Hilo.  While there, we got to see hot springs, craters, a lava tube, a lava field, and the devastation trail.  It was all remarkable, and in such contrast to the time we spent in Maui.  All in all a wonderful day. 

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